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Clay Roof Tiles and Barrel Roof Tiles

Whether you saw the Italian villages in person or you fell in love through pictures, let us put the classic clay barrel roofing on your home and make it a focal point in your neighborhood. CoorItalia has clay roofing experts who specialize in Spanish roof tiles, Italian roof tiles, and French roof tiles, searching for the best quality antique tiles that will provide years and years of future use.

Spanish, Italian, and French Reclaimed Roofing Tiles

Clay roofing tile is an Art as ancient as the Meditterranean itself - , the ancient Roman construction patterns produced colorful terracotta barrel tiles that are strong and durable. Many that are reclaimed are already more than 100 years old, and pass through thorough inspections before becoming the clay roofing of your home. Although antiques they are strong enough to walk on!

Spanish, Italian, and French antique villages relied on local specialists to create clay roofing by hand for their house. Because of differences in clay color, each region produced slightly different colors, and styles - most use barrel pies for both Cap and Pan. A Flat Roman Pan roofing is most common Tuscany and Central Italy. These Roman Pan and Barrel caps are reclaimed from Tuscany Lazio and Umbria. Whereas our Spanish and Italia terra-cotta roof tiles are characterized by the barrel roof shape by which some French designs are characterized, they also have a deeper red terra-cotta, whereas a reclaimed Spanish tile tends to be light in color. Our CoorItalia experts are more than happy to shed further light on the differences in regional coloring and styles.

We have pieces of different reclaimed barrel styles represented at our showroom. As you plan your custom clay roof, the experts here at CoorItalia would be happy to consult with you on what terracotta color blends and tile shapes might best suit your custom unique home and whether reclaimed or new clay tiles would be best.

Manufactured Roman Barrel Roofing

While we are proud of our antique barrel resources, we know that this might not be the best option for everyone. If antique terracotta is not for you and you want a more uniform look, or are pressed with a design budget, consider our manufactured barrel roof tiles.

Manufactured barrel roof tiles can offer a variety of colors and styles at a very good prices. The new roof tiles come in several different colors to preserve the original look of a 200 year old Roman roof tile. The new roofing tiles can be mixed and matched to offer an antique or reclaimed look, and just like our reclaimed tiles they will outlast everything else in your Home!