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Custom Stone for Your Home

Direct from Old-World suppliers, we build quality custom stone pieces that will beautify your home. There is a reason that dozens of high-end home designers and landscape specialists turn to CoorItalia to produce custom staircases, antique fireplaces, and flooring. From detailed design blueprints to workshop construction to master artisans finishing the decorative elements, we pay attention to detail every step of the way.

Antique Stone Fireplaces, Staircases, and Tile Work

Whatever sparks your imagination, our experienced designers and architects will create the antique stone fireplace, intricate custom staircase or flooring tile design of your dreams. Our team is ready for any project:

  • * Window sills and doorways
  • * Stone fireplaces and fireplace mantles
  • * Custom flooring tile
  • * Grand columns
  • * Entryways and banisters
  • * Custom stone flooring and staircases
  • * Wallcaps and balustrades
  • * Pool copings and outdoor stone tiles
  • * Landscape objects and architecture
  • * Custom flooring, bathroom and sinks
  • * Antiqued water features
  • * Decorative terracotta pieces and antiqued stone figurines

Custom Stone Craftsmanship Tailored to Your Needs

Stone tiles and pieces come direct from the quarries in Europe. Each piece is cut to size for your staircase, fireplace, flooring tile, or other custom stonework's piece.


Marble comes from the limestone family and has been a favored building material for centuries. Marble stone pieces come in a variety of color from brilliant white to deeply veined, giving you a range of possibilities. Marble also takes well to polishing and antiquing. Antique marble is also a popular choice for bathrooms, slab tops, flooring tiles and custom fireplaces.


A very heavy sedimentary rock, limestone is another popular building material found throughout different regions. For example, the pyramid of Giza is all limestone and antiqued limestone flooring tiles were the typical stone flooring choice in French cottages. Many of our custom fireplaces are made from cut to size flooring tiles that come from limestone.


Travertine is a stone type found near mineral springs, and is a member of the limestone family. A traditional Italian material, travertine usually comes in tan, cream, or white color. Travertine makes beautiful pool copings, indoor & outdoor flooring, and travertine stone staircases.


Terracotta is a clay-based unglazed ceramic. Beyond just antique roof tiles and pottery, terracotta is also used in flooring tiles to warm your home. We can trace down antique tiles and decorative pieces from European lots, or create terracotta flooring tile designs great for custom staircases and entrances.

Create custom stone fireplaces, staircases, flooring and more with CoorItalia.