The powder room layout from designers Orlando Diaz Azcuy


The block is selected and approved. From this one block CoorItalia will manufacture all the elements


The bowl sink is lathed and then finished by hand


The bowl is finished


The matching pedestal is cut for the plumbing


ready to be shipped


The floor is laid out on the shop floor to check on the matching, but also to allow numbering for the install team. Note how the veins flow across the different tiles.


The elements are all installed


Sink, pedestal and floor - all hand made from the same block




A unique Powder triangular powder room in book-matched Calacatta Marble. The triangular shape of the powder room lent itself to cut-to-size triangular tiles. The design was further refined when it was decided to book-match the tiles. Book-matching is a technique used in stone masonry where a block is carefully sawed and the grain is matched along the various tile edges so that it "flows" from one tile into the next. It is an especially difficult art when trying to work with triangular shapes, but the final results are extremely pleasing to the eye.

We asked Greg Stewart, Project Designer, and Principal at San Francisco Design Firm Orlando Diaz Azcuy, for his thoughts on the bathroom:

What was the inspiration for design of the powder room?

The house has a large curved corridor adjacent to the room and left an unusual shaped area for the powder room. I decided to make it into a pure geometric shape and made it an equilateral triangle. The sink is in one corner, the WC in the other and a small table for necessities in the other.

Why did the decision fall on Calacatta Gold?

The color of all the doors in the house is grey and I wanted the powder room to be grey. The Calacatta was selected for other bathrooms in the house and for continuity it was used in this room also. The room has no exterior window so white is nice to brighten the room and the grey veining goes with the general color scheme.

Any thoughts on the execution of the project?

I thought the room turned out stunning. It is not easy to ask for perfect equilateral marble floor tiles and have them laid perfectly as well, but it was done. And the sink was carved in two pieces of solid marble just as I drew them. I always try to make powder rooms be little jewel boxes, so when a guest comes back to the conversation, they ask the others, "Have you seen that room?"