Floor elements are all horizontal surfaces including exterior courtyards, terraces, porches, loggia, arcades, quadrangles, and cloisters

First, start with a vision from the client, the architect or the interior designer Let’s pick the material together [marble, limestone, travertine, a myriad of options], even visit the quarry together with Alessio. If there are no constraints of durability or to match existing material, you have unlimited choices.

CoorItalia works with you from the design meeting, to the quarry if you so desire, to jobsite shipping and final installation. We can manage the logistics seamlessly, yet you are assured of timely delivery of a final stone product that meets your exact specifications.

Let Cooritalia guide your choices about the best stone selection for your uses and applications, e.g., suitable for wet locations, high traffic, long-wearing, etc. Build in the energy efficiency of radiant heating to add functionality to the warmth and beauty of your natural stone floor.

CoorItalia can also make an expert recommendation for the correct finishes to suit your application: bush hammered, brushed, sand blasted, honed, whatever is right for the task at hand. We will advise on the thickness of the stone appropriate to the application and steer you to the right finishes for the task prescribed.

If critical aspects of your floor design need to be studied or finalized, for example, to accommodate existing conditions onsite, the floor pattern can be mocked-up for client approval before the shop drawing process is started

See the Case Study Carmel Santa Lucia Preserve to see a "whole house" project entrusted to CoorItalia. There are two interesting flooring aspects - the use of limestone both inside and outside, and a special project where CoorItalia was asked to create bookmatched marble triangular tiles for a a powder room. This second project is highlighted in A Unique Powder Room