We carry three lines of hand made terracotta from Italy.

All three begin with someone mixing earth with water to the right consistency and then throwing it into a form, removing the excess and then placing it to dry.

Antico Line - These tiles are the epitome of an artisanal process. After being formed, they are placed to air dry for entire months in covered rows in the Italian sun. Then, usually in the Fall, the whole year's production is placed in a huge kiln which is a building in itself and they are fired over a number of days. The process is so interesting we blogged about it . Each tile is unique, each one is slightly different in color and they work wonderfully together. For more on thee Antico Line click HERE

Venezia Line - This line offers an extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes and uses, from roof tiles to flooring, from bricks to decorative pieces.

Customization is not a problem and thanks to their computerized kiln the client benefits from great color and size consistency for the whole project For more on thee Venezia Line click HERE

Toscana Line - If you want to find the heart of Tuscan terracotta you go to Impruneta, a small town just outside Florence. The clay from this area has produced terracotta since 1098 and is unique in its density, strength and consistency. For more on thee Toscano Line click HERE