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Custom Steel & Wood Windows and Doors

CoorItalia will help you design, create, and install unique windows and doors that put the finishing touch on your home. Depending on the overall styles of your home, we can create custom doors and casement windows from a rich bronze to steel, stainless steel, corten steel, or different wood varieties (teak, larch, oak, mahogany, just to name a few). If you are going for classic Italian ro French style or a modern sleek contemporary look, our steel or wood casement windows would fit perfectly.

Rest assured that we only provide the highest quality products, including energy efficient steel and bronze with thermal break and wood material, IOS9001 certified manufacturers, and custom French, Italian, and Modern design. Our thermally broken casement windows are highly energy efficient include European hardware like "tilt and turn" windows, and doors that "lift and slide". You will love our custom French and Italian design in your home.

Wood Windows and Doors

Our wood windows and doors can be constructed from a variety of different wood:
Mahogany, Oak, Larch, Fir and Teak to name a few. You can have modern or traditional looks with different treatments cuts. Distressed wood windows and antiqued bronze clad window treatments go well on French and Italian window styles. Our most popular style is casement windows with custom bronze clad treatment. Inswing, ousting, hoppers, casement windows and awnings are all possible as well as tilt & turns as well as lift & slide pocket doors.

Bronze class wood options also allow you to have a low maintenance antique, Tuscan casement window exterior, while still showing a different characteristic of the custom woodwork in the interior.

Custom Steel Windows & Doors

Metal windows and doors offer completely different custom casement design potential than wood alternatives. There are many benefits of choosing metal:

Slim lines

Let more light shine through without distractions. Draw attention to the most important focal points with steel or bronze casement windows.

Strength & Endurance

steel and bronze casement are some of the strongest materials for windows and doors, hand down. This means strength over large opening, and a sturdy base for accessories, plus custom windows and doors that will last with little aging effects.

Diverse finishing

express your creativity through metal. There are countless finishes available from antique bronze to colorful solid colors and from French to Italian that will last in the weather.


cut the extra spending. Thermally broken metal winnows will reduce heat loss into the atmosphere and into your home. The thermal breaks are a highly insulating material between the inside metal frame and the outside metal frame.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are installed to allow the wood or bronze window to swing inwards like a casement or tilt vertically, depending on your ventilation preference.

Lift and Slide Doors

Described as moving walled, lift and slide doors are a great solution for outdoor spaces. Several door panels easily slide into a wall pocket or sopped to the side with a handle.