CoorItalia is amongst a few to offer architectural custom Corten steel windows and Corten steel doors.

Cor‐Ten (Corten) steel is a high‐tensile, self‐passivating special alloy containing copper, chromium and phosphorus, which, as the name indicates, possesses considerable resistance to corrosion (Cor) and to tensile stress (Ten). A singular feature of Cor‐Ten is its natural oxidation upon exposure to air, which instead of continuing to corrode the material, stops and forms an unchanging protective patina. These properties mean it can be used even in particularly corrosive or critical situations as testified to by its common use in architecture for monumental buildings and outdoor sculptures as well as for industrial applications such as bridge trestlework, guardrails and containers.

These windows and doors are assembled from Corten steel which use thermal breaks.

These Corten steel window and doors casements can be inswing or outswing and can feature tilt and turn and lift and slide operability. The Thermal Break is not at the expense of an optional very thin Corten steel profile as can be seen in this product line. Corten steel Custom Window and Door Profiles

The cold formed profiles used to manufacture these units are created from coils that are processed into a series of forming machines that bend the Corten steel to create the bars that will be used to manufacture the Corten steel windows and doors. The advantage is that we can put a thermal break between the inside and outside of the Corten steel profile. Thermal transmittance between indoor and outdoor surfaces is minimized by the thermally broken profiles.

The profiles can be shaped to allow the manufacture of custom Corten steel windows and Corten steel doors. Supplying thermally broken tilt turn or lift slide and casement windows ensures that you have various application options to uniquely customize your home.

Operating units include:

  1. Casement windows
  2. Awning windows
  3. Hopper windows
  4. Dual Action Tilt and Turn Windows
  5. Transoms and Sidelights 1 .French Doors
  6. Lift and slide patio doors

Custom Corten steel Product Features:

Finishes: Long wearing simple and low cost maintenance that are highly corrosion resistant The thermal break window and door design also gives the option of a split finish for a different appearance to the exterior from the interior – you might want Corten steel on the outside and an interior wood finish, or maybe stainless steel!

High Efficiency: The thermal break ensures extremely low thermal transmittance.

Glazing Options include energy efficient double glazing with low E coatings, extreme triple glazing, low reflection, tinted, safety laminated and/or tempered glass options are also available

Screens: We can customize all manner of screens in aluminum or in the same Corten steel as the units: Options include pocket, screens, hinged, screens, motorized screens, roll up screens. What better to go with your Corten steel windows and Corten steel doors than to have matching screens.