The 5000 is the most versatile line of our CONTEMPORARY windows and doors. FUTURA 5000 is available with all the following features and configurations:

Applications and function:

  1. in-swing or out-swing
  2. lift and slide and pocket lift and slide
  3. bi-fold
  4. tilt and turn system

Full customization available at customer request. Radius/curved/arched shapes are available

Wood Materials: This line offers the most modern options in today’s market and a large selection of different woods to choose from. Fir, mahogany, chestnut, larch, oak and teak are just some examples of the variety of woods that we offer for this line.

Finishes: brushed, antiques, distressed available, stain grade, paint grade Exterior cladding finish: This line is also available with bronze and aluminum clad.

  1. Best technology for metal clad – accommodates different coefficients of expansion for the metal and the wood, prevents cracking and warping of the wood
  2. The bronze and aluminum clad corners are welded and then finished in the specified finish and color so to resemble a solid element. No visible weld corners are implied in this process.
  3. There are three available finishes for the bronze clad: dark, textured green, and classic
  4. The aluminum clad colors and texture are several and range from the standard anodize chart to the wood grain finish. We recommend to see our color chart to select the most suitable for your project.


  1. double pane low-e glass (optional triple pane)
  2. laminated security low-e glass
  3. Energy efficient Double-glazing with low-E coatings standard, triple glazing available, safety (laminated) glass options available.


  1. Pull screens
  2. Pocket screen or slide screens
  3. available options shipped integrated with the door or window unit. Motorized option available.


  1. hidden hinges, concealed hinges, barrel hinges, European hinges standard; custom options available.


  1. multi point locks
  2. Multi-point security locking hardware

Certifications: FSC certified wood weatherstripping for maximum air, water and wind resistance; mechanically jointed for extra strength, durability and lower life-cycle costs; exceed European testing standards to receive CE-label approved CE: in food, toys and many other consumer products, the CE label attests conforming to European standards to protect over 750 million people in 27 nations, usually resulting in higher standards than in the United States. Because the true costs of energy have been passed onto the consumer in Europe, the demand for super energy-efficient windows has driven innovation for decades. Optional triple glazing is generally not needed for Northern California climate, but for those seeking higher LEED certifications, zero net-energy construction, passive house design, GreenPoint or any performance-based energy rating system, European suppliers are widely recognized to be years, if not decades, ahead of North America manufacturers in door and window design.