We offer 3 unique lines in our traditional windows and doors; SETTECENTO, OTTOCENTO and NOVECENTO. The names of the 3 lines of product are the Italian words for 18th, 19th and 20th century and represent reproductions of how windows and doors were made in those days. Each line has its own distinctive style. Fir, mahogany, chestnut, larch, oak and teak are just some examples of the wide variety of woods that we offer. Each wooden essence used derives from a controlled deforestation. Moreover, the products employed for the finished goods – oils, stain earth, wax – have been chosen for both their very high quality and their wholly ecological materials and treatments Antiquing and brush finishes are also some of the options that are available for the traditional line along with reproductions of old world hardware. Aluminum and bronze clad is available for some of the styles. We would like to work with you in customizing these windows and doors to achieve the look that you are after.