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Timeless Custom Home Construction: Windows & Doors,

Stoneworks, and Roof Tiles

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve a Home that reveals your character and personality and since CoorItalia has been in business, we have made many homes unique, whether it is with a particular bronze door, or a custom fireplace.

To do so our mission is to seamlessly tie Client, Architect, Designer, Artisan and Builder into a single unit. It is by knowing the requirements of each of these that we can ensure project success. We have many years’ experience in balancing design vision with construction requirements ensuring your dream is realized in time and on budget. CoorItalia has three departments: Windows & Doors, Stoneworks and Roof tiles.

Let CoorItalia bring out your personal style in the quality details of your home. We specialize in custom stonework, reclaimed clay roof tiles, and custom windows and doors, manufactured in metal and precious wood types. With intricate custom stonework including flooring and outdoor centerpieces, as well as custom metal and wood windows and doors and reclaimed roof tiles direct from our European suppliers, you’re going to love your new space. CoorItalia is a partner for your dream project.

At CoorItalia, we see it as our job to make your dream home a reality. If you have imagined the luxury of antique metal doors and windows, let us design them to match your style. If you have a gorgeous stone fireplace in mind, show us the details: our stonework experts will draft design drawings for your approval, and discuss stonework material options including marble, travertine, and limestone. Many people also come to us because they visited Tuscany and desire the same kind of warm clay tile roof. Through our tile suppliers we hand pick reclaimed antique roof tiles and provide a true Tuscan or Mediterranean tile roof for your unique home, and compliment it with terracotta flooring and ceiling, both new and reclaimed tiles.

Reclaimed Roof Tile Supplier and Tile Manufacturer

Our antique, reclaimed roof tiles are the best of the best from Italian, French and Spanish deconstruction and reclaimed lots. We can meet your needs for reclaimed roof tiles through our European supplier or if you prefer new roof tiles for your home, our manufacturers create each new roof tile to not only be durable but the product also has the look and feel of the roof tiles that have been made in Italy for over two thousand years.

Stonework Specialists

At CoorItalia we specialize in custom stonework. We provide new hand carved and antique stonework elements to add beautiful and elegant touches to any home. Some of our custom, antique and reclaimed stonework elements include columns, fireplaces, staircases, sinks as well as fine detail in floor patterns, cut to size custom tiles and pool coping. Our stonework suppliers and manufacturers provide us with the finest craftsmanship that will add a custom antique look to your home. As well as stonework we also specialize in reclaimed terracotta tiles both for flooring and ceiling.

Wood and Metal Windows & Doors

CoorItalia is a manufacturer of a wide range of energy-efficient metal and wood casement windows. Few materials stride the design divide from Traditional to Contemporary like metal casement windows made from bronze or steel. These metal windows and doors also come in a variety of color finishes, are thermally broken for energy efficiency and are fully custom designed. If clean metal lines aren’t what you are looking for, or they can be crafted from a rich variety of wood which can be distressed for that antique window and door look.

Service and Quality from Start to Finish

When you call CoorItalia, you can expect quality work with individual attention to your project from start to finish. Let your home be unique with custom wood and metal windows & doors, reclaimed roof tiles, and exquisite, antique stonework.